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We can add tassels to your baby wrap.

You can order fringes included in the length of the wrap (i.e. your wrap will have the ordered length including the fringes)
This means that if you order a wrap in size 4.6 with fringes in the length of the wrap, the solid material will be about 4.3 meters and you will have fringes.

The price for adding fringes is given in the preorder.


However, we recommend ordering a babywrap of a specific length and additional length tassels. So that the solid material has the ordered length (for example 4.6) and the fringes are an additional decoration.

The price on the fringes over the length of the wrap is the price of making the fringes and an additional 30 cm of fabric.

You can add fringes to the long wrap and to the Ring Sling

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