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Baby carriers

Baby carriers

We offer the possibility of pre-ordering a compact baby carrier.

You can fully personalize your order on many levels


1) one-sided baby carrier, lined with cotton or linen vs. two-sided baby carrier that you can turn around like a wrap.


2) a carrier with a flat hood that will hold the baby's head when it falls asleep vs a carrier with a deep hood with ears


3) we will adjust the carrier to the size
- STANDARD (panel 26-36cm wide and 43cm high), from the beginning of wearing until about 15 months of age, clothes from the age of 68 to 80

- STANDARD+ (panel 30-40cm wide and 45cm high), from 8 months of age up to 18 months of age, clothes 74 to 86

- TODDLER (panel 35-45cm wide and 46cm high), from 15 months of age up to 30 months of age, clothes 86 to 98

- TODDLER+ (panel 40-50cm wide and 49cm high). from about 24 months up to 20 kg, clothes from size 98


Each carrier has an additional chest strap.

The carriers have a folded hip belt.

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