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Nice to see you!

We will create a jacquard fabric with your dream pattern for you. We specialize in creating certified baby slings, but we can do much more!
Pure Sling is primarily a place where we understand your needs. You can come to our community, you can order a wrap pattern that we will draw for you, but you can also just be with us. Join us on Facebook



What we can give you

We will create a unique woven wrap (and much more) for you

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How can you get to know our products?

  • you can view them on this page

  • you can like our instagram @puresling

  • you can like our tictok @puresling

  • you can like our fanpage on facebook @PureSlingPolska

  • you can join the facebook group:

  • Pure Sling Polska

  • Pure Sling International

and join the tests. In our tests, there are always two products in one package, so you can immediately see how perfectly we match the products for our recipients.

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How to find currently created projects?

  • Go to facebook and type in the search engine: "preorder Pure Sling"

Groups that are currently open to new people will appear in the results

  • Join the chosen ones - if you want, you can only observe the process

In groups, everyone has the right to vote on the appearance of the pattern, colors and composition. You too!

  • Orders for gadgets, baby wraps, baby carriers and  sewing material are accepted in the form of a list in the group.

Why so? Our products are exceptionally exclusive, we create the smallest series - baby slings are usually made from 4 to 8, and gadgets are sewn by hand by specialists, usually single pieces.


You won't get such unique products anywhere else.


How to create a fabric with your own unique pattern?

  • Write us an email or message via messenger

  • Describe as much as possible: what theme, layout, colors or composition suit you

Our qualified artist will create a pattern with you and we will provide you with all the support and information necessary to finalize the project.


You can order the selected number of meters for yourself, all you need to do is invite other interested people to the project (Facebook groups) and we will collect the minimum weaving.

Write to us

Różana 13A 
32-700 Bochnia

Thank you for contacting us!

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